Subsequent-Gen VW Golfing and GTI Will Stay Names yet Change into EVs


Chatting with Autocar, Schäfer stated VW sees worth in keeping its historical nameplates because it switches to generating EVs. Whilst maximum of VW’s ID EV lineup has had numerical names to this point, the ID Buzz broke the mildew and lead the way for different iconic VWs to take the plunge into the electrical generation. In particular, the Mk.9 VW ID Golfing EV.

“There’s a reference to VW and ID, and there is not any want to cancel [ID],” Schäfer instructed Autocar. “We now have iconic emblem names, Golfing and GTI. It might be loopy to allow them to die and slip away. We will be able to stick to the ID good judgment yet iconic fashions will lift a reputation.”

“We’d no longer let pass of the Golfing title, no approach,” he persisted.

2022 VW Golfing R. VW

The aim-built Golfing EV is reportedly anticipated within the overdue 2020s, possibly 2027 or so, and won’t substitute the ID3 yet complement it—Schäfer was once reportedly adamant there may be room for each. It will journey on VW’s next-gen EV platform, SSP, that still shall be used for its (lately not on time) Trinity flagship. Positioning-wise, it is anticipated to fit in between the ID2 town automotive and ID3.

As for a GTI, the best way Schäfer speaks in regards to the title suggests an pastime in wearing it ahead into the EV generation. On the other hand, VW already has a efficiency moniker for its ID merchandise—GTX—that leaves unclear what VW would prefer for an ID Golfing. That is not to mention VW could not have it each tactics through the usage of GTX for the electrical similar to the Golfing R, yet that is an issue we will depart for the feedback.

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