Toyota Prius Can Rent for Much less If You Choose-In to OTA Updates


Typically, including extra tech-forward choices to a automobile raises its worth, however for Prius consumers in Japan, one thing relatively reverse will probably be true. As reported through Reuters, Toyota’s Eastern leasing department Kinto says it’ll be offering protection updates (for instance, tool associated with the collision avoidance machine) over-the-air and that consumers who opt-in to these updates will probably be eligible for decrease rent costs.

That is against this to maximum different automakers who both rate additional for OTA updates or shouldn’t have it have an effect on costs in any respect. Kinto says OTA-equipped Priuses will price 10% much less to rent per thirty days. Along with reducing rent bills, this system will it seems that serve to handle the automobiles’ used values, one thing that would possibly repay for Toyota ultimately when the ones rentals in the end expire.

Chatting with Reuters, Kinto president Shinya Kotera mentioned that Tesla consumers—a number who’re very a lot used to paying extra for extra tech options—are “high-income earners” who’re keen to pay for the most recent and largest while the everyday Toyota buyer is the other of that. Reliability and price are the names of the sport with Toyota consumers and that’s the reason the considering at the back of the more-is-cheaper way right here.


The perception of letting other people pay much less for a automobile receiving OTA updates additionally aligns with the view that the ones updates won’t at all times toughen issues. I imply, how again and again have you ever up to date your telephone or pc to the most recent tool just for it to run slower and with extra insects?

Finally, whilst the setup is unique to Japan and the brand new Prius for now, Kinto has it seems that expressed pastime in doing the similar with different Toyota fashions “inside a 12 months or two” and is considering increasing it globally.

That faint, vaguely-evil-sounding snort you pay attention is each dealership foyer workforce in The united states guffawing prior to continuing to slap $5,000 value of broker markup onto each new Prius.

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